Middle and High School Math Circles

Lowell High School 

The Middle School Math Circle meets at Lowell High School (1101 Eucalyptus Dr.) on Tuesdays from 3:45-5pm.  Snacks begin at 3:45 and Math Circle begins at 3:55. Parking is available on 26th Avenue.  The rooms use the Northeast "Math" wing of Lowell, which can be entered by walking to the door heading south on 26th Avenue.

June Jordan School for Equity 

This program is currently out of session.


Elementary Math Circle

San Francisco State University

The SFMC Elementary Math Circle meets at San Francisco State University.  The nearest official parking garage that you can use is Parking Garage 20.  To protect the students no additional information about building or room locations will be posted.  Please see our program page for additional information.