We are fundraising for Spring 2015! Here's the details...

For the last ten years, San Francisco Math Circle has provided fun mathematics and problem-solving activities to hundreds of local students. Our students love coming to Math Circle to play with math and strengthen their problem-solving skills. 

Why are we fundraising? 

Several large grants have supported Math Circle for the past five years. These grants expire December 2014. People keep asking us, “Why don’t you save some of the money you have now?” The answer is simple: we can’t! The money expires and if we don’t use it by December we have to give it back. We are spending as strategically as possible now, but we will need money for the spring.  

What do we need for the Spring 2015?

In order to run our usual program in the spring (usually 9 weeks), we need to raise at least $25,000. This is the bare minimum needed to run our program. We can temporarily scale our budget down without affecting our long-term quality. We are using our current money to stock up on supplies and create promotional materials. The great news is that an anonymous donor has agreed to match all donations made for our Spring 2015 program, up to $10,000. Please make your donation by January 18th in order to capitalize on this generous offer!  

What happens if we don’t raise the full $25,000?

At this point, we are feeling pretty darned confident we can reach $25,000 or very close. If  we don’t quite make it,  we will run a partial program proportional to the amount of money raised. For example, we have already raised over $14,000, which means we can run at least a 5 week program. We feel optimistic that we can raise enough for the entire Spring program! You can rest assured that your donations will be used to extend the length of our program to the full 9 weeks. Anything we raise beyond $25,000 will be used to add to the quality of the program.

What can you do? 

Here are some ways you can help:

  1. Donate money!
  2. Volunteer!
  3. Spread the word! Share SF Math Circle on Twitter or Facebook!

Donating money:

Your donation now will be doubled! Donate whatever you can offer. If you can’t afford much, it’s okay! As mathematicians, we know the Law of Large Numbers – many little donations will add up to a lot! All donations are tax deductible!


We can use volunteers of all kinds: educators who can lend a hand in our lessons, parents who can help organize carpools and community events, or people with technical/professional skills such as grant writing, graphic design, web management, etc. Get creative and send us your ideas!

Spread the Word:

We’ve got a great new website that needs some showing off! Share it on Twitter and Facebook. Invite people to like us on Facebook. Follow us on Twitter! We are trying to increase our online presence to raise awareness and support for our program.

SFMC’s non-profit status

San Francisco Math Circle has been housed by other organizations such as MSRI and now SFSU. We do not yet have our own 501(c)(3) status (tax-exempt nonprofit status).  We are accepting donations through San Francisco State University’s Center for Science and Mathematics Education, which is supporting SF Math Circle in Spring 2015. 

We greatly appreciate your enthusiasm for SF Math Circle! It’s a pleasure working with such a wonderful group of kids (and parents).  Remember the Law of Large numbers – if a lot of people donate a little, we will raise a lot!

Thank you again and happy holidays!