A Very Special Spring 2015 for SFMC

The SF Math Circle's Spring 2015 program is about to start! We are so excited that we made it to this day. We have a huge amount of gratitude to the various people who helped us raised these funds. Several parents and friends of the SFMC rallied to raise funds to make this Spring program possible. This is makes this semester very special - it is our first grass-roots, community funded program. 

So far we are committed to 9 of the 10 weeks. We still need to raise $600 in order to make the most of our matching donation and to add our 10th week. 

Fundraising Progress

We were blessed to have an anonymous friend of SFMC offer to match all donations up to $10,000. This offer extends until January 31st. We've raised $9435 from parents and friends, and just need under $600 in the next week to make the most of this matching offer and add the 10th week. Let's get that $18,870 up to $20,000! 

Support from SFSU 

You might be thinking, "But Addie, that's only a total of $20,000. Didn't you say you needed $25,000 in order to run the full program?" And you would be correct. However, as many of you know, SFMC is run out of the San Francisco State University's Center for Science and Mathematics Education (CSME). Dr. Eric Hsu, who runs CSME is helping SFMC by providing the missing $5000 in funds. Additionally, CSME is supporting SFMC with printing, supplies, administrative support, and eating the cost of 10% fees SFSU charges us for collecting donations. We are so grateful for Dr. Hsu and CSME for believing in the value of SFMC and supporting us! 

Program Features

For the Spring 2015 our program will be mostly the same as in Fall 2014. We've made a few changes as necessary. For the most part, this program should have a very similar feel as Fall 2014. 

Lowell and June Jordan sites

  • starts Monday February 2nd
  • Staff: Nicole (returning), Sam (returning), Zandra (returning), Gabbie (returning), Spencer (new), Brian (new)

Spencer has worked at our elementary program and our Math Camp for high schoolers for the last two years. Due to scheduling, he is now switching to our high school program. Brian has a similar story as Spencer. We are excited to have them both join the high school team as they are engaging and capable math circle instructors. 

SFSU Elementary site

  • starts Thursday February 5th 
  • Staff: Emily (returning), David (returning), Nicole (new), Zandra (returning), Josh (returning) 

Emily is a veteran of SFMC. She has taught several math circles around the Bay Area. She last worked with our elementary program a year ago. Nicole worked with math circles in Texas before coming to our high school team last Fall. She is now joining our elementary team.