Mission Statement

The San Francisco Math Circle (SFMC) is a program designed to increase the quality and quantity of students who become mathematics educators and researchers, or who simply love and use mathematics in their studies, work, and daily activities.

In other words, math is so much more than memorization and worksheets, and we aspire to share this with our students! Let’s make math fun for everyone!


When my son started going to Math Circle he marveled at how “we don’t do much math there, we just play!” I share his amazement at this group of talented instructors who don’t “teach” math, they teach enthusiasm for math and a whole new way of appreciating the subject.
— Claudia A. (parent)

In order to achieve our Mission, we work to: 

Engage students in fun mathematical activities;

Educate students in problem-solving skills;

Expose students to novel mathematics they may not otherwise see unless they decide to major in math;

Encourage students who are from economically disadvantaged homes or traditionally underserved populations to attend our program; facilitate their attendance and continued participation by making the program physically, economically and culturally accessible.


In many enrichment programs, the students are self-selected or encouraged by their parents to attend. This generally means that most students come from an "already enriched" socioeconomic level. While many parents bring their kids to math circle, we also work with schools and teachers to find students from varied backgrounds who may otherwise not know of such opportunities as Math Circle.

Once I can get a student to math circle, they almost always come away with an increased interest in math, created by the challenging problems, as well as the help that is available if needed. It gives them the confidence to attack increasingly difficult problems in the classroom.
— SFMC Teacher