We welcome returning and new students to our program! The SF Math Circle at Clarendon is designed to be a safe and enjoyable place for students who like to solve problems and do mathematics. While students don't have to identify as loving math from the onset, they should at least have an open mind about trying out SF Math Circle and demonstrate enthusiasm for the program within the first two week. In order to help your students get a sense of whether they would like our program, please show them our SF Math Circle video. Additionally, the parent should review our Elementary Parent Handbook to get a sense of our policies and if we are a good fit for your family. 

We charge a $60 application fee which covers the cost of the first two out the of ten sessions. Students can try SF Math Circle for the first two sessions, and if it is not for them, they may opt out of the remaining sessions. If the child decides to stay, the $60 goes towards the full cost. 


2-3RD Grade Class is full! 

4-5TH Grade Class is full! 

You can apply and be placed on the waitlist, but do not pay the application fee/deposit until we contact you that space is available. Some space may open up in February. 



We have 4 tiers of costs that are based on financial need. The first tier is the full cost of $300. The other tiers are $200, and $100, and $0 and require the completion of our Sliding Scale application in order to qualify.  Send via mail or scan and email it us at sfmathcircle@gmail.com. 

Application Fee/Deposit

A application fee/deposit is due for all tiers in order to secure a spot. Please note that the actual fee is $58 with a online convenience fee of $1.60. Families who want to apply for the $0 tier can submit their application without the deposit, but the child's spot will only be secured upon approval of the Sliding Scale Application. This fee is non-refundable; thank you for your understanding. Please feel free to contact us to confirm availability before paying the application fee. 

Trial Period

The application fee will go towards the full cost.  It allows the new student to try the first two weeks of the program. 

Remaining Balance

After the first two weeks of the program, the remaining balance is due in order to continue in the program. For students who wish to opt out, we ask that you email us so we can update our rosters and not send continued reminders of payment. For example, families paying the full $300 would then have $240 remaining balance for students who decide to continue. 


1/25, 2/1, 2/29, 3/7, 3/14, 4/4, 4/11, 4/18, 4/25, 5/2
No class 2/8 (holiday), 2/15 (holiday), 2/22 (parent/teacher conferences), 3/21 or 3/28

Application for New Students:

  • Discuss with your child(ren) the nature of the program and the child's reasons for wanting to participate. If they are enthusiastic, please continue with the next steps, making sure to collect their reasons to add to the application. 
  • Complete the online application here
  • Pay a deposit of $60 per student here
  • (Optional) Complete a Sliding Scale form and mail or email it to us

Application for Returning Students: 

  • Complete a short registration form, making sure to update key information that we have on file. We sent an email to let you know what information we have. Please reference this email while completing the registration form and add any changes into the registration form. 
  • Make a payment online. You can pay the deposit or full amount. Please use the Primary parent/guardian's name to pay. 
  • (Optional) Apply for the Sliding Scale

Release of Liability 

Please review the terms required to participate. You must agree to these on our online application or registration to participate. The document can be found here