Fall 2019 registration is now available!

Note: Registration for the Starr King Math Circle is ONLY open to Starr King students.

If you are the parent or guardian of a Starr King student and you would like to register them for the Starr King Math Circle, please email us at info@sfmathcircle.org or contact the Starr King administration for registration information.

Quick Program Info

Enrollment: Only open to students enrolled at Starr King Elementary School

Location: Starr King Elementary School

Cost: $420 per 12-week term (We offer financial aid! See below for more details)

Grade levels: 2nd-3rd and 4th-5th grades

Day: Wednesdays

Time: 2:55-3:55pm

Program Details

About us

At the San Francisco Math Circle, we explore the fun side of math! The SF Math Circle is an extracurricular math enrichment program that gives students an opportunity to develop their mathematical thinking skills in a supportive, collaborative, and fun environment. We promote positive attitudes towards math and learning through engaging, hands-on puzzles and games that involve both creativity and critical thinking.

You can find more about our approach to math and math education here.


This program is located at Starr King Elementary School and is hosted in classrooms onsite.

Cost & Scholarships

The tuition for the Starr King Math Circle is $420 per 12-week term ($35 per week). The tuition we charge allows us to cover the costs of the resources we provide, including:

  • Activity design and development

  • Instructor training and preparation

  • Low student-to-instructor ratios

  • Weekly snacks for students

  • SF Math Circle T-shirts for students

Financial Aid

We are committed to making our programs accessible to all students. We partner with ActivityHero to provide reduced tuition scholarships to families based on financial need, so they only pay what they can afford. In order to be eligible for reduced tuition, families must complete an ActivityHero scholarship application once registration is available. If you would like more details about our scholarships or if you have any questions about scholarships, please contact us at info@sfmathcircle.org.

Class Schedule

Each grade level will meet from 2:55-3:55pm on Wednesdays.

We will begin each class with 5-10 minutes of snack time before getting into the activities.

The fall term will have 12 sessions, starting on September 11 and ending on December 11.

DATES: 9/11, 9/18, 9/25, 10/9, 10/16, 10/23, 10/30, 11/6, 11/13, 11/20, 12/4, 12/11 (No Math Circle on 10/2 or 11/27)

All dates and times are tentative and subject to change.

Grade Levels


In our 2nd-3rd Grade Math Circles, we introduce students to mathematical thinking while maintaining a fun and engaging atmosphere.

Students explore in small groups where they have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and to receive personalized attention and guidance from an instructor.

We typically introduce a new activity each week touching on new and interesting mathematical concepts and usually involving hands-on manipulatives or games. We provide scaffolding and support so all students are able engage with each activity, and we help students begin to develop the skills they'll need to become more independent mathematical thinkers in the future.


In our 4th-5th Grade Math Circles, we begin to focus more on promoting and supporting student-driven inquiry and exploration. We encourage students to begin to explore more independently, and we help them develop the skills necessary to do so.

As in the 2nd-3rd Math Circles, students explore in small groups where they have the opportunity to collaborate with peers and to receive personalized attention and guidance from an instructor.

We introduce 7-8 activities over the 12 week term. Once an activity has been introduced, it remains available for exploration for the rest of the term. Each week, students can choose which of the available activities they're most interested in exploring, and may explore as many or as few activities as they like.

Spending multiple weeks exploring a specific activity gives students an opportunity to learn how to answer more challenging questions, and potentially learn how to generate new questions.