THEME: "Math Detectives" 

"Calling all math detectives, the SF Math Circle Math Camp needs your help!  We have mathematical mysteries that need solving.  Just as Sherlock Holmes solved his mysteries with abilities that bordered on the fantastic, we will learn how to solve our own mathematical mysteries.  We will learn problem solving techniques that are the cornerstone of successful mathematician researchers. We will see how to use these techniques in riddles, games, mathematical magic tricks, and many more.  Here at the Math Circle Math Camp we have plenty of mysteries to solve, but we need your help. Sign up now!"

Math Camp is a space for students who are excited to explore mathematics. This is a very social and interactive environment, where students work collaboratively with each other and adult mathematicians on interesting and fun mathematical problems.  We are a community organization, and welcome students from a wide variety of backgrounds. We provide rich mathematical content in an engaging context, as well as much encouragement, but the students much bring the rest -- energy, interest, and an openness to try new things! For all students to have a positive experience, applicants should have a strong desire to attend Math Camp as well as a positive attitude towards collaborative learning and challenging exploration. 

Please be aware that we are not explicitly designed to help students improve their math skills. If we receive an application for which we are unsure if the student is a good fit, we may contact you for additional information or cancel the registration. Please contact us in advance to ensure a good fit at 

Dates: One week, June 27-July 1
Hours: 9:00AM-3:00PM with extended care hours from 8:00AM-9:00AM and 3:00PM-6:00PM. 
Grades: rising 3rd and 4th graders. This means current 2nd-3rd graders. 

Location: San Francisco State University and the exact location will be released in a welcome packet. 

March 7th - Early Bird Discount Applications - 10% off! 
April 15th -  Sliding Scale Applications

Activity Themes 

Topic 1. Game on!  Students spend the day learning best play and the mathematics behind fun games. We will integrate games through the week and draw upon these best play strategies.

Topic 2. MathMagic: Students learn the mathematics behind either physical tricks, number games, or riddles.  Students will take home not only new knowledge but also fun tricks or riddles for their friends/ family. Riddles and tricks will be emphasized throughout the rest of the week!

Topic 3. Connect the dots: The hidden geometry of things. Students discover geometric shapes hiding behind not-so-geometric activities, games, and riddles...everything is coming together!

Topic 4. Arithmetic before you were born: Learn about a (fictional) ancient number system in base 5. Throughout these sessions, an understanding of the different between number notation and the abstract value of quantity will make it easier to understand and perform arithmetic operations!

Topic 5. Really Big Numbers: The title says it all. Students will explore questions in which small things adding up comes into play. Students will also gain insight into some features large numbers have.

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