Summer 2015 Elementary Math Camp

Math Camp is for rising 2nd-6th graders! We have an enthusiastic and dedicated team preparing an incredible well-rounded and exciting program that blends the best of math with art, nature, outdoor games, and more fun activities! Sign up now while we still have room! 

Please peruse the following information to learn about our plans: 

Math Camp Activities

At San Francisco Math Circle Elementary Math Camp, we create an environment where math is fun and exciting. We explore math hands-on, through games, arts and crafts, and outdoor activities. Each week is guided by a theme within which the activities unfold. From exploring math in nature, to taking a trip around the world and through history, to finding math hidden in the city that surrounds us, our students experience math coming to life. They experience math as an exciting part of their world -- an experience they take home and bring with them into the future. As with our academic programming, Math Camp will support students in developing problem-solving skills that extend to science and beyond, as well as inspire greater curiosity for learning mathematics. 

Learn more about the type of mathematical fun we will be having at Math Camp here

Dates, Times, and Location

Our camp is scheduled to run for 3 weeks, Monday - Friday from 9am-3pm. Check out the daily schedule we have planned! Additional extended care hours will be offered. Each week will have different content, so kids can sign up for all three weeks! 

  1. June 8-12: Games and Numbers: The quintessential math circle curriculum; at Math Circle we often play with discrete numbers via games, puzzles, and challenges. Emphasizes problem-solving skills that can be applied to all sciences, logical thinking, programming, and more! Includes active games outdoors and mathematical arts&crafts.   FULL! 
  2. June 15-19: Math in Nature: Mathematics is the language of the universe.  This week, we will deepen our ability to “speak math” by investigating patterns, motion, and life.  We will describe properties thereof with explicit mathematical expressions and models. Includes geometry, mathematical art, and active outdoor games.  FULL!
  3. June 22-26: Math World Tour: How has math changed through the ages? Where did it come from? How has it been used in different cultures and at different times? And where do we see math in action in our own lives, on a typical day? This week, we explore math as a living, changing, and vibrant part of our past and our present. Includes active outdoor games and mathematical arts & crafts.  FULL! 

SFMC's Math Camp will be held in the CSME Annex: Trailer P at SFSU. We will also explore the campus in some of our afternoon activities! 


SFMC Math Camp is run by five directing founders as well as SFMC Director Addie Schnirel. Additionally, we will have enough counselors to maintain a ratio of 6:1 students to staff. All SFMC Math Camp staff are experienced math circle instructors who are background checked, vetted, and thoroughly trained. To learn more about our summer 2015 staff, please check here

Cost and Sliding Scale

SFMC's goal is to be accessible to all families. We want all families to contribute a fair, affordable amount. To calculate your contribution to Math Camp, go here.  The base rate is $350/camper/week which is comparable to many day camps in the Bay Area, with adjustments for siblings, multiple weeks, and income.

We have exhausted our sliding scale funds and at this time are not able to offer anymore sliding scale assistance. You may submit our Sliding Scale Application, and if additional funds become available we will contact you. 


Math Camp is now FULL. If you would like to sign up for our waitlist please download the instructions and signature form here and fill out the online application here.

 All payments are non-refundable once processed.  

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For Math Camp questions, please email