My son absolutely loved the class this week. He was so excited by the lesson and couldn’t wait to share the concepts with us that evening. He offered a mini lesson for my husband and me. This feeling of intellectual spark was lovely for us to see as parents.
— -Ali M., parent in 4th-5th grade class

Thank you to all the teachers, volunteers, and directors for sharing so much of their time, effort, brilliance, and sheer love of math with my kids. When we first started, the math books we used (Saxon) was not very exciting and Math Circle helped to bring math to life for my son. Now our math program at school is much more engaging, but Math Circle still brings fun to the subject...and isn’t it all about the fun??? Math Circle isn’t just the one hour, once a week...it sparks an interest where my kids will think about the topics well beyond the classroom.

Math Circle is a place my son loves...I already knew that. My daughter, on the other hand, didn’t express a great love for math. So while memorizing the multiplication table was not her thing, she is a very logical thinker, a real problem solver. Math Circle has been great for her...that math is not just about lining up decimal points to add them up or remembering to carry the 2...math is really FUN! (There’s that word “fun” again.)

Thank you! We are most grateful for this amazing opportunity.
— L and C's mom

All of the students who responded to the survey enjoyed this year’s SFMC program. This is supported through enthusiastic descriptions of their participation in the Math Circle:
It was good. It was fun.
I learned a lot. I hope I can come again.
It help me learn math and made it easier for me! And to me it’s really fun
It was fun. I met a lot of cool people and some math, too.
— 2013-2014 Student Survey Quotes

It help me learn math and made it easier for me! And to me it’s really fun.
— SFMC Student, 2013-2014 Survey

Math circle challenged me and made me explore new concepts in math.
— SFMC Student