SF Math Circle has gained a reputation for offering engaging mathematical activities. We will offer the same mathematical fun at Math Camp, only more in depth and more...fun! We will get even more hands on, more crafty, and explore a topic more in depth by revisiting it throughout the week. 

Each week will offer completely different activities, so students can come to all three weeks and learn something completely new each time!  Please note, these are EXAMPLE lessons of the types of activities we do in Math Circle. The exact lessons to be offered will be announced closer to the date. 

Morning Sessions:

The first two sessions will have students work together in group discussions and exploration. Below are some examples activities:


Math content: Modular arithmetic.

Activity: Students become experts at drawing stars inside circles and find a lot of interesting patterns. 


Math content: Combinatorics and geometry.

Activity: Students become chefs and must analyze how complicated cutting pizza can be! 


Students can explore the mathematics of tessellations through a game, and then make their own tessellation art! 


Afternoon Session:

The third session, after lunch, will either be active games, outdoor activities, or computer lab activities:


Math content: Probability and combinatorics.

Activity: Two teams use the probabilities associated to rolling dice to compete in a baseball game. 


Math content: Permutations.

Activity: Students use permutations to have them travel to different stations and try to find patterns. 


Create stories, games, and animations with the easy to use Scratch programming language for kids!

(Most likely to only be offered during the 1st week.)


For Math Camp questions, please email sfmathcircle@gmail.com.