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Mailing Address

College of Science and Engineering
1600 Holloway Ave.
San Francisco, CA 94132

For the school location of one of our programs, please see the program page. We do not give the room number information on our website, and only release this information to approved applicants.  For general directions and parking information, see below. 

Public Transportation to SFSU

There are several Muni lines that stop at 19th Avenue and Holloway Avenue including the M, 28, and 29. 

SFSU Trailer P Directions and Parking:

SFMC is located at San Francisco State University in Trailer P.

Our office and classrooms are located on campus, so you must park and walk. Some convenient places to park are:

  • Buckingham Way (south of Stonestown Galleria, north of SFSU)

  • Holloway Avenue (south of SFSU)

  • Lot 20 of SFSU (payment required)

To learn more about parking at SFSU, please visit:

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