Do you offer financial aid?

Yes, we offer financial aid for our Math Circles and Math Camps. Please see our Financial Aid page for more details.

Is it possible to start a Math Circle at my school?

We are interested in opening Math Circles at additional schools, but unfortunately, at the moment, we have limited capacity to expand. If you’re interested in bringing Math Circle to your school, you can contact us at to inquire about this possibility, but, while we’re always happy to look into new opportunities, it’s unlikely that we’ll be able to start any new Math Circles until Fall 2020 at the earliest.

In the meantime, one alternative is to coordinate with SF Math Circle and the Julia Robinson Mathematics Festival to put on a math festival at your school. A math festival is a one-off event where there are a variety of tables with different math activities. If you are interested in scheduling a math festival at your school, please contact our math festival coordination team at

Will attending Math Circle help my student with their school math?

It’s important for parents/guardians and their students to be aware that Math Circle does not explicitly prioritize helping students with their academic performance. Our primary goal is to promote and develop mathematical thinking — the kind of thinking you do when you are trying to figure things out — rather than specifically helping students with arithmetic, algebra, or other curricular skills.

What sort of math background does a student need in order to participate in Math Circle?

In general, a student’s math background is not a barrier to participation in Math Circle. Our activities generally do not require specific mathematical knowledge or skills in order to get started exploring. All that is needed is curiosity, open-mindedness, and a commitment to trying to figure things out.

My student is in 1st grade. Can they attend a 2nd-3rd grade Math Circle?

If you are interested in having a 1st grader attend a 2nd-3rd grade Math Circle, please contact us. We will give priority to 2nd-3rd graders, but if there is space in the class for additional students, we may be open to having a 1st grader attend on a trial basis.

Please note that, since our activities do not generally have curricular skills as prerequisites, the issue with 1st graders is more to do with their maturity than their mathematical readiness. Math Circle students must have the ability to remain focused on the activity even when they are not receiving direct attention from instructors, and must not distract other students.

Please be aware that if you register a 1st grader for a 2nd-3rd Math Circle without first contacting us, we reserve the right to remove them from the class without offering a refund.

Can I observe a Math Circle class?

We are generally open to having parents/guardians sit in on classes so they can have an opportunity to see what a typical Math Circle class looks like. However, this is at the discretion of the Site Coordinator and the Lead Instructor for the class, so we request that you contact us in advance if you would like to sit in.

Additionally, while we are happy to have parents/guardians observe the class, please note that we prefer for them not to actually interact with their students during the class.

I am looking for one-on-one tutoring for my student. Do you have any instructors who would be interested in this?

Unfortunately, at the moment, we don’t have any instructors available for one-on-one tutoring.